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Unlock modern financial services with market-leading open finance technology.

Create your own lending, payment, and product application workflows to become the next big platform of choice. Any financial use case you can imagine can happen with Brankas.

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Brankas Connecting Banks

Enabling innovation and embedded finance for the world’s biggest and fastest-growing brands.

Brankas is the leading Open Finance technology company

powering digital transformation and world-class innovation for our customers with our financial infrastructure and API aggregation solutions. Brankas solutions are featured in Asia Pacific and the Middle East across industries as diverse as BNPL, digital banks, payments, ridehailing, e-commerce, and public utilities.

Enterprise solutions from the leading Open Finance company

Financial Infrastructure

Market-leading time-to-market for organizations to develop your own financial APIs and payment gateways.

Check our solutions below :
Unlock modern financial services with market-leading open finance technology.
API Aggregation

Plug-and-play financial APIs with the widest Southeast Asia bank network coverage for bank data retrieval and money movement.

Check our solutions below :
Unlock modern financial services with market-leading open finance technology.

By combining Brankas’ technical expertise with Netbank’s Banking-as-a-Service approach, we can provide automated account opening, payments, disbursements, cards and even loans via digital channels such as white labeled mobile apps and banking-as-a-service APIs.

Dave dela Paz
Co founder and Head of Netbank Virtual, Netbank

Selected Partners

Brankas Partner Unionbank
Brankas Partner PermataBank
Brankas Partner Visa
Brankas Partner AFS
Brankas Partner CRIF
Brankas Partner OBE
Brankas Partner Kiatnakin
Brankas Partner Fintech Indonesia
Brankas Partner Fintech Alliance
Brankas Partner APIX
Brankas Partner Bank Future
Brankas Partner Element
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Want to work with Brankas?

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