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Terms and Conditions Brankas Disburse

A. Preamble

By accessing, browsing, using, and conducting other activities provided by the Brankas website, web and mobile applications, and its related services (”Platform”), You agree that You have read, understood and agreed to these Terms of Use. These Terms of Use constitute a legal agreement between the Registered User or End-User (or “You” or “Your” or “Registered User” or “End-User”) and Brankas including its subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively “Company”, “Brankas”, “we”, “our” or “us”). If you choose not to agree with these Terms of Use, you should discontinue using the Platform and the services we provide.

The Services made available on or through this Platform have been made available to You for the specific purpose of Your financial services aggregation. It is not intended to provide You with any nature of certification, guarantee, or warranty. By accessing, browsing, and using this Platform, You agree and acknowledge that You understand this limited and restricted use, and agree that You will not rely on the information and materials contained in this Platform for any purposes except as is intended. You further agree that in all actual matters, You are ultimately responsible for determining Your specific requirements.

You are strictly prohibited from unauthorized use of our systems or this Platform, including but not limited to unauthorized entry into our systems, misuse of passwords, or misuse of any information posted to this Platform.

You acknowledge that we may disclose and transfer any information that You provide through this Platform if we are legally bound to disclose any information due to compulsions under law.

You expressly agree and acknowledge that usage of this Platform may be monitored, tracked, and recorded. As such, You expressly consent to such monitoring, tracking, and recording.

B. Introduction to Brankas Disburse

  1. Service Description
    Brankas Disburse product allows Users to disburse funds from their corporate bank accounts to both retail and corporate bank accounts through the facilitation of API and/or Brankas Dashboard.

    Brankas currently acts as a disbursement facilitator which will allow User to get better access to disbursement functionalities to multiple designated bank accounts.
  2. Disburse Product Types
    Brankas currently offers 2 ways of utilizing our Disburse product. Brankas Users can use Brankas API for disburse and/or use Brankas Dashboard for disburse.
    • Brankas Disburse API allows Users to integrate their respective systems directly into Brankas services.

      Through the API, Users will be able to access functionalities such as account inquiry, disburse requests, and status check. Brankas understands that our Users need access to multiple Banks, with Brankas API, Users only need to integrate to Brankas APIs, and Brankas will handle the integration process with Banks.
    • Brankas Disburse Dashboard allows Users who may not need a system-to-system integration or does not have the necessary resources at that moment to start using Brankas Disburse product without any need for development.

      Within Brankas Disburse Dashboard, Users can register source accounts and beneficiaries, check the latest status of the transaction and manage Users’ workflow in performing fund transfers.
  3. Brankas Disburse Features
    The following features of Brankas’ services:
    • User Onboarding
      Users get to access and use Brankas Disburse services after the User completes the registration process.

      Based on Users’ transaction needs, there are two (2) types of accounts with different pricing schemes:
      • Basic Account
        For Users with a transaction projection of fewer than 100,000 transactions per year.
      • Enterprise Account
        For Users with a transaction projection of more than 100,000 per year.
    • Integration with Users
      Brankas provides two (2) environments to be used by Users:
      Environment Definition URL
      sandbox(1) Sandbox environment allows potential Users and Users to conduct testing during development and try Brankas Disburse without involving movement of funds.
      Live Live environment allows Users to conduct fund transfer in real-time once the onboarding process to Brankas and Brankas’ partner bank is completed.

      1)Mock values are provided in a sandbox environment for testing purposes

    • Account to account Fund Transfer
      • There are two methods to perform transactions through Brankas Disburse Dashboard:
        • Single disbursement
          Single disbursement allows Users to do disbursement to a single beneficiary account. To execute a single disbursement, a User has to configure the beneficiary accounts in Brankas Dashboard’s “setting” menu.
        • Bulk disbursement
          Bulk disbursement allows Users to do fund transfers to multiple beneficiary accounts by uploading a formatted .csv file.

          In the .csv file, Users may register up to 1000 beneficiary accounts in one (1) Bulk Disbursement request. To execute bulk disbursement, Users have to fill in and upload a .csv file (file example available for download in Brankas Disburse Dashboard) with the beneficiary’s details and specify the source account in Brankas Disburse Dashboard that will be used for the transfer.
      • Brankas Disburse allows Users to execute fund transfers between bank accounts, whether within accounts (intrabank) or across Banks (interbank)
        • Intrabank Transfer (Same Source & Beneficiary Bank)
          Intrabank fund transfer is facilitated by our integration with the banks. For example, this integration allows our Users who have an account in BCA to do intrabank transfers to another BCA account using Brankas API.

          Disbursing an amount of 100,000 IDR from BCA to BCA account will result in IDR 100,000 being deducted from the User’s BCA corporate account and transferred to the designated beneficiary BCA account. There are no extra fees charged by the source Bank.
        • Interbank Disbursement (Different Source & Beneficiary Bank)
          Interbank disbursement is facilitated by our integration with the banks. For example, this integration allows our Users who have an account in BCA to do Interbank disbursement to a BNI account using Brankas API. For example, transferring an amount of IDR 100,000 from BCA to a BNI account will result in IDR 100,000 + additional fee being deducted from the User’s BCA corporate account and transferred to the designated beneficiary account. This model has an additional fee charged by the source bank for the disbursement in which the interbank transfer fees vary from bank to bank and may change without notice.
          Type Source Bank Destination Bank
          Intrabank & Interbank BCA BCA & Any Domestic Banks(1)
          Intrabank & Interbank BNI BNI & Any Domestic Banks(1)
          Intrabank & Interbank Permata Permata & Any Domestic Banks(1)

          1)Depends on Brankas’ partner coverage in Indonesia

    • Internal Workflow Management
      Brankas provides a maker-checker system in the fund transfer procedure. In the process, the User has to assign one person responsible for uploading the data consisting of designated beneficiary accounts from the source account, referred to as maker.

      After the data upload has been executed in the .csv format, the maker forwards the upload to another responsible person who will check to ensure the data in the .csv file uploaded by the maker are correct and appropriate. The party who will perform the checking is referred to as the checker.

      With the existence of a maker-checker, Brankas do not perform further checking on the transaction order that will be forwarded to the Bank. Brankas is not responsible for any mistake in the making of fund transfer transaction orders performed by the User.
    • Transaction Status Monitoring
      User may perform checking, browsing, and monitoring of the status of fund transfer transaction through Dashboard.

C. Benefits of Brankas Disburse

The following are benefits of Brankas Disburse:

D. Brankas Disburse Risks

  1. In this case, Brankas provides a system that can be used by Users to receive and forward fund transfer transactions from the User’s source account to the designated beneficiary account registered by the User. Relating to that matter, the fund transfer process from the User’s source account to the designated bank account shall continue to follow the system and procedure of the relevant Bank. In cases where a problem occurs in the fund transfer process, and the issue is not within Brankas’ scope, but within the Bank’s side, and thus, it would fall under the responsibility of and should be borne by the Bank.

    To avoid confusion, in cases where pending occurs in fund transfer transaction, such issue is within the Bank’s power as the party managing funds and possessing the fund transfer system, whether due to insufficient funds in the source account, or the bank’s system is under maintenance.

    In cases where delay occurs in the fund transfer transaction due to Brankas’ system, the funds will not be deducted from the source account because the such a process could not be performed.
  2. User is obligated to maintain the security of the User’s Brankas account from unwanted factors, including but not limited to unauthorized access. Brankas is not responsible in events where access data breach/hacking occurs to the User’s Bank account unless it is legally proven caused by Brankas. Brankas continues to implement the necessary steps to ensure the security of Brankas’s service and system.
  3. In service operations, Brankas may cooperate with a Third Party. As a user who utilizes the Service, a Registered User will provide Brankas personal information, whether it is to collect or gather data or information from Third Party’s site. Such Third Party’s site is managed by a financial institution where the User has an account, bank with other legal entity. Brankas do not and cannot be borne the responsibility or any accuracy on the information or data managed well by the Third Party be it in accuracy, erasure, failure to send, or failure to store data, communication, etc.
  4. Brankas could perform the necessary measures and/or set by the governing laws on User’s Account related to Brankas’ services, including but not limited to not granted access, reviewing, temporary freeing, blocking, or shutdown.
  5. In cases where Bank identifies the transaction as a high-risk or suspicious activity, Bank and/or Brankas perform the necessary actions per the governing laws, specifically in relation to Anti Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing (AML-CTF)

E. Brankas Disburse Transaction Security

  1. Users may only use the User’s very own account and shall not permit another person to use the identity and/or User’s account. Users are obliged to maintain the confidentiality of the User’s Brankas account password. Unauthorized access and a transaction performed under false data do not fall under Brankas’ responsibility.
  2. If the User’s account has been stolen/unlawfully transferred to another party so that the User’s account or User’s transaction is no longer within the User’s control, User must inform Brankas of the such issue through email or chat through to execute the necessary actions.
  3. All transaction instructions based on the use of User’s account in Brankas occurring before Brankas receive such notice from User becomes the User’s full responsibility.
  4. Users may change their password at any time through the channels provided by Brankas.
  5. User is obliged to ensure that User has used Brankas’ services with the latest version and ensure that the computer and web browser application used to access Brankas’ services is free from malware, virus, and other applications that may harm the User and/or disturb the continuity of Brankas’ services.

F. Cost of Service

Basic Enterprise
Integration Fees No Fees No Fees
Maintaining Balance No Fees No Fees
Disbursement Fees Intrabank: IDR 2,500
Interbank: IDR 3,500
Based on the agreement