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GoPay Statement & Location Data

Use your customer’s GoPay Data for faster KYC, loan and product approvals, personal financial tips, and data accuracy with faster cross-checking. Get started today!

Analyze spending habits and financial data.

Analyze spending habits and financial data.

With GoPay financial transaction data, you can analyze spending habits, get a full breakdown of expenses, and use the data to provide a better experience to your customers.

Provide financial tips based on user data.

Provide financial tips based on user data.

Use your customers’ GoPay data to optimize your products and services. Create a personalized experience for your customers using on-demand financial and location data.

Speed up KYC, onboarding, and approvals.

Speed up KYC, onboarding, and approvals.

By using GoPay data, you can speed up your e-KYC, onboarding, and approval processes for loan applications, account opening, online orders, and other digital services.

Cross-check data to ensure accuracy.

Cross-check data to ensure accuracy.

Use the locational and statement data from GoPay to cross-check the information provided by your customer, reduce fraud and non-repayments, and speed up operational processes.

How it works

With the user's consent, you can access this type of data from their GoPay account to give them a better experience.

Analyze trip behavior with complete visit counts, geographical data, and postcodes. Analyze spending habits with GoPay financial data using the below data points.

  • Phone number
  • Account Name
  • E-mail Address
  • Account Balance
  • Total Amount Credited
  • Total Amount Debited
  • Transactions
  • Merchant name
  • Total Price
Statement Data

Brankas is the first company to provide live and instant access to GoPay Statement and Location Data via API. Get early access today.

A wide range of industries can use this data for many types of use cases. Whether it’s for a digital bank, BNPL company, alternative lender, e-Commerce platform, or insurance company, this data will help you serve your customers better.

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Brankas is the pioneer in open finance, banking, and payment APIs, enabling banking and fintech businesses across the globe to provide a faster, better service to their customers.

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